Menstruation : stigma of shame.

STIGMA is one of most deeply embedded word in our society . We hear a lot of stigmas about religion, about caste, about colours and so on and each one of us feels free to protest with all our wits to break free our society from such annoying taboos.

However have we ever thought about the stigma of periods?

I think there are very few people around who feel free to talk about menstruation in public. In fact very few girls in our society are vocal about them. But I never understand the reason why bleeding every month is considered as a shame, why a menstruating woman ( especially in utmost pain) is considered as impure?

I totally agree with this fact that we live in a judgemental , conservative and fearful society where if anyone hears about menstruation they start attaching labels and try to make it look awkward .For example: if you go to purchase a sanitary pad they will always give it to you in a special black polythene and that too so hesitantly , This is the most illogical thing I have ever seen.

And I strongly believe that there are very few royal ( lucky) households where these following senseless myths about periods are not followed. ~~

1) – Firstly , If you are menstruating then you are not allowed to worship god or undertake any religious activity .

2 ) Secondly , If you are bleeding then you should maintain distance from everyone and yes , especially from the male members of your family. In some highly conservative households it is even mandatory for menstruating girls to sleep on a separate bed or use a dark coloured separate bed sheet and in fact what is most humorous is that they even decide a particular sleeping position for her.

3) Thirdly and one of the most annoying myth is If you are having period cramps then you should suffer in silence & not disclose or share the reason behind it at any cost.

4) Fourthly, If you are in periods then you should not run , jump or do anything that involves a lot of physical exertion just because there are chances of your clothes getting stained with blood and that would bring disgrace to the entire family.

This isn’t the end , There are many such uncountable myths exist . But you know what the truth is that those who follow these taboos they don’t even know the reason behind them . What is most astonishing is , some people know that these myths are totally senseless yet they will conform with others because of the fear that bad luck from nowhere would befall upon them.

Like seriously I am shook sometimes to see such mentality. In fact there are many people who very proudly call them as so called ‘scientific’ but when it comes to saving their sisters , mothers or wives from entering and following such taboos blindly they become numb about it .What is the use of being highly qualified with having a doctorate degree when you just can’t be vocal about such disgusting stigmas that are deteriorating the mindset of our entire community?

Why people are so negative about this thing.?. It’s a totally natural phenomenon and we , humans have no control over it .What is so weird about it? It’s absolutely the same blood that comes out when there is a cut on your hand , same blood that is flowing though your arteries,Exactly the same blood that your heart is pumping , And insanely the same blood that you encourage others to donate! So why this vaginal bleeding is treated with so much of shame and that too such an extent that a girl feels totally degraded and listless for a thing that is being endowed to her by the almighty. !

I just want you to please realise that your education only pays off when you bring a change into your coward mentality and make all your efforts to bring a best of change in our society.

PERIODS ARE NO SHAME MY FRIENDS. Menstruation is not a time to maintain a distance from your sister , mother or your wife , it’s a time to give your utmost attention and care to them . Those 6-7 days are really stressful as her body is undergoing many harmonal changes therefore it’s a time to empathise with her rather then making her feel helpless. .. It’s a time to understand her mood swings & let her feel normal about it .

I hope we can do our bits to make this change and break free from all the myths. After all when you change , the world will automatically change.

The shattered world.

“Just look at how the world has dissected apart.

Just look at the insensitivities & insecurities in our hearts .

No place for empathy ,No place for sympathy

Look at how our evil deeds have killed the humanity.”

Time to unite.

It’s really heartbreaking to see how the negative energies are surrounding us from everywhere.I read it somewhere that 2020 is a serious disaster however I never believed it because I always think that bad times are just a moment for you to realise your power of dealing with the things.

I know it’s really disturbing for everyone around to see so many people dying every now & then . It is extremely traumatising to see families grieving for their loved ones. It’s really unrealistic to imagine that how a virus of some nanometers in size has dominated its presence on the earth.It looks strange that how a virus has destroyed collectivistic and diverse culture of many Asian countries like India .

But you know what I believe is that everything has some reason for its existence in this universe and so is the virus. Like everyone says COVID is something that no one has ever imagined about , not even in their most wildest and unrealistic fantasies. But look how it has become a part of our lives now.

Somebody said that “This virus has been one of the biggest challenge for the mankind”, but don’t you think this is ironic enough..? I explain you how. Ever since this world has started man used to be a component of the environment. Man used to be nature- friendly ,nature lover and so on . But as we say human instincts never die & so you see that how from past few years we have been ruling the earth, dominating the environment, wildlife with our so called ‘mere’existence and that too for our so called short lived needs.

The world is running after money , fame , stardom & success . In fact some of the folks are so much obsessed with making their lives superior that they can go to any extent in order to fulfil their never ending greed. From past so many years mankind has been deteriorating every other resource on earth. It’s not hidden from anyone that how mother earth has been contaminated from the sins and crimes of the mankind. There is no place for ‘sensitivity ’ in the hearts of the people. We have been recklessly running after making our future so bright that we didn’t realise that we are losing the sense of time and perception.

And I strongly believe that this virus is a lesson for us to realise that Mother Earth can be ruthless too. It is a way for us to realise that our dominance on anything won’t last long and just in case if you think that the lockdown was a way for you to stay protected.. then you are wrong.. this whole scenario has been pre – decided by the almighty who wanted us to leave all our deeds & ponder upon our deadly and disgusting actions, to give it a thought at all the sins that we have committed so far .

I firmly believe and want you to realise that 2020 is not a disaster or a crisis my friend , it’s a year of self realisation . It’s a year to omit your actions , to make this planet your friend not your belonging. It’s a time for you to enter into a negotiation with the earth..A negotiation that last longer and a negotiation that prevails peace. It’s a year to gain enlightenment and detaching from everything , literally everything to realise the importance of correlation between us & the environment.

Instead of cribbing about when the things will turn normal again let’s just look into the mirror and join hands to stay together in every oddity, let’s help each other more , empathise with each other more and most importantly stop each other from entering into darkness. Let’s just get lost into making ourselves better and trust me the moment you change yourself a bit, You see positivity radiating around you.

Stop all the sinful acts . Stop wandering around negativity . Just Pray harder each & every day for the world to heal soon . Stay strong my friend . Stay mentally happy and healthy and try your bits to help others in attaining mental peace . After all nothing is eternal and so is the virus.

He’s there for you just trust his
right timings.

You matter.

Hello, everyone. Today I want you to give a little of your attention to yourself. As the topic of my blog says YOU MATTER therefore, whatever I ‘ll write about will be regarding to you , Your feelings, Your emotions ,Your thoughts & your opinions.

Before beginning with anything else I just want you to contemplate & ask yourself this question ..”How many times you actually neglect other’s bad opinions & comments about you”? Like how many times you don’t allow others to influence you ? ..I tell you if you do this then you are all sorted & living your best life .But what about majority of those who allow others to just lead their lives..? If you are a conformist & usually gets trapped because of others then you are not alone . I tell you what.. I have been like you , I used to hear 10 positive points about myself that were immediately supressed by just 1 negative comment & as my experience says a lot of people are like me in this world who feel pressurized to mould their actions in accordance to what others say about them .They neglect the fact that their own self esteem & self image matters.I have seen alot of people who judge others just by one or two things they know about them like for instance if a person is shy , upset and not talking they assume him/her to be rude & egoist no one tries to know the reason behind the behaviour of a person.And this is the rule of the universe people will judge you until you fit in their definition of being so called ‘Perfect”. You must be thinking this is a very casual topic I am talking about but the fact is presence of negativity around you has become a serious issue. Much of the suicidal attempts are done by the people who let their lives to revolve around the negative people & they destroy their own mental peace and happiness. Isn’t it looks strange that how we quickly believe others when we just can’t believe ourselves for taking one decision alone?. Why are we so ashamed to express our thoughts fearing about other’s judgements ? I believe It is really necessary for you to take pledge to yourself for valuing yourself , Your self esteem , Your feelings and your emotions if you really want to protect yourself from falling into a pit that will destroy your mental health forever .You don’t need to justify anyone about why are you crying , Why are you upset just express freely ,don’t let your irritation to kill you from within.Express your thoughts freely , don’t suppress them just because you will be regarded as a fool or a stupid in the eyes of others who just won’t ever come to see whether you are dying or are still alive!

In my view one of the ways to be happy & contended is to try ignoring anyone who poses a big obstacle in your growth process. Be so confident regarding your decisions that you can influence others to accept your view point . Be so courageous to love your body , Your talents , Your weaknesses, Your strengths that if anyone taunts you regarding the same , You feel least bothered to take it to your heart. And I believe If I being an emotional person can change myself in such a short period of time ..So why can’t you.? Just try it out once and you will see how your life changes track & How you will rise with all the positivity around you. Just give your soul importance more than anyone …. After all caring for your own self isn’t selfish.🙃

I pray that you all stay fit & healthy both mentally and physically! . Thank you.